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Contracting Providers

Our model

unitē Mental Health and Wellness is looking for mental health providers to work in our office or remotely via telehealth.  In early 2021, unitē was established with a vision of providing specialty mental health care to underserved rural communities.  Individuals in need can come to our office to receive care in a private and welcoming location.  Mental health support staff will be on site to assist with the delivery of all services, whether in-person or through telehealth. This ensures smooth delivery of care, as well as client privacy and peace of mind for remote providers who can't be on location with their patients/clients.   

We want to give practitioners freedom

When you work with us, you choose your schedule and we take care of the administrative tasks that steal away from both your personal time and your time with your patients/clients.  Let us handle your business needs such as advertising, liability insurance, bookkeeping, billing insurance, collecting payments and more.    

What you can expect  


We strive to cultivate a supportive, low stress, happy and welcoming work environment.  We know burn out is a very real challenge to professionals working in mental health, so we take great care in our care of you.  

Benefits to Practitioners: 

  • Work as little or as much as desired  

  • You are paid a percentage of the gross revenue of each transaction

  • Patients/Clients in your specialty are located for you

  • Initial appointments with clients are scheduled

  • Upfront documentation and compliance is collected by unitē

  • Patient/Client Insurance coverage is determined before you meet

  • A private location to meet is provided

  • Mental health support staff is available onsite to help with any challenges that may arise, including emergency or crisis situations that may present during an appointment.

  • Use of our electronic health records system.  You don't pay for initial setup or ongoing monthly fees

  • Professional credentialing with insurance companies completed by unitē

  • General and professional liability insurance obtained by unitē for any work performed on unitē’s behalf

  • unitē completes the billing and collection processes

Responsibilities of Practitioners: 

  • Provide high quality professional services to those needing help

  • Document sufficient and proper information regarding client encounter to ensure reimbursement by insurance company

  • Work in conjunction with onsite staff where needed to ensure optimal patient/client experience

We are looking for the following mental health providers:

  • Psychiatrist

  • Psychologist

  • LMSW Social Worker

  • Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Marriage and Family Therapist

  • Licensed Behavioral Analyst

  • Nurse Practitioner

  • Physician Assistant

If you are a practitioner and interested in partnering with us to provide mental health services, please contact us at  We are currently only working with providers licensed in the State of Michigan, however, if you are currently not licensed in Michigan and have a specialty which is of high need in our area, please contact us. We may be able to help you facilitate Michigan licensing.  Click on links below for information regarding licensing in Michigan.     

General information:  


Professional Counselors:,4601,7-154-89334_72600_72603_27529_27536---,00.html  


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1014 College Avenue

Houghton, MI 49931


Phone: 906-523-7064

501(c)(3)  Non-Profit 

Hours:  9am - 5pm or by appointment  M - F

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